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Dam Easy Residential Flood Barriers are a ready-to-use flood barrier for doors that are easy to install and deploy before a storm. There is no need for damaging hardware, adhesives or permanent fixtures when using Dam Easy—simply place between the entryway, extend the sides to fit the opening, and inflate the built-in tube until the area is completely sealed. This simple solution replaces the time, energy, and mess associated with sandbags and can be installed in under 5 minutes.

Multiple Dam Easy Flood Barriers can be connected using extension poles to protect longer runs such as sliding doors and garages. See the Specifications tab for coverage widths.

The Dam Easy Extension Pole does require some installation. A core drilled hole is needed to install a 6" anchor rod into the ground in which the pole is screwed into when needed. When your barriers are removed, there is a 2" protective cap that covers the rod hole, creating a flat surface.

Dam Easy ® Flood Barrier w/ Extension Pole Bundle

  • Coverage Area
    2 Barriers with 1 Extension Pole: 64.5" - 89.725"
    3 Barriers with 2 Extension Poles: 98.35" - 136.15"
    4 Barriers with 3 Extension Poles: 132.175" - 182.575"
    5 Barriers with 4 Extension Poles: 166" - 229"

    Flood Protection
    Protects up to 28" high

    ABS2100-GR10 Fiberglass, Reinforced Body
    POM M90-44 Polyacetal Inner Moldings
    Stainless Steel 304 Reinforcements
    Brass Gear Systems
    EPDM 40-50 Shore A Compression Seal

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