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Feel at ease and protect your home or existing business with this simple, in stock, and ready to ship flood barrier.



Dam Easy® Residential Flood Barriers are a ready-to-use flood barrier for doors that are easy to install and deploy before a storm. There’s no need for damaging hardware, adhesives or permanent fixtures when using Dam Easy—simply place between an entryway, extend the sides to fit the opening, and inflate the built-in tube. This simple solution replaces the time, energy, and mess associated with sandbags and can be deployed in under 5 minutes.

Secure Your Entrance in 3 Easy Steps

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Needs 36" of clearance above for pump mechanism.

Extension Poles

Need to cover a large area? We can help!

Dam Easy Linked 1.jpeg
Dam Easy Post.jpeg

Connect multiple Dam Easy Barriers together to protect wider openings using an extension pole.
core-drilled hole and anchor rod is required for initial installation and allows for the quick placement & removal of the extension pole. A cap covers the opening when not in use. At the first sight of a storm you can install the barriers and extension poles in minutes, leaving your home or business secure from flooding.



Replacement Seal

For use with the Dam Easy® Flood Barrier. We recommend that the inflatable seal is replaced after use or every 12 months.


Security Cover

The Dam Easy® Security Cover is available to purchase for added security to prevent tampering and removal of the barrier.


Patch It

A rubber based high performance strip sealant used to patch external openings susceptible to water entering during flooding.

See It In Action

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For custom options or higher protection heights, visit

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